Roanoke Ridge: A Creature X Mystery by J.J. Dupuis



When bigfoot researcher Professor Berton Sorel goes missing in the temperate rainforest of Roanoke Ridge, Oregon, help is summoned in the form of his former star pupil: Laura Reagan, online science populist and avowed skeptic. But what begins as a simple search-and-rescue operation takes a drastic turn when a body is discovered – and the body isn’t the professor. Caught in the fallout of the suspicious death, perplexed by a sudden wave of Bigfoot sightings, and still desperately searching for Professor Sorel, Reagan reluctantly admits two things: one, that her old mentor was right about there being secrets hidden in Roanoke Ridge; and two, that it’s up to her to uncover them.

Roanoke Ridge impressed me. It does not set out to convince you of something or persuade you to the authors beliefs. I never felt like I was being subtly fed the authors opinions on the possible existence of the creature. It has a balance of fact and fiction that make it enjoyable to read. The characters were interesting without being overly complex. The ending was satisfying and I am definitely interested in reading more of the series. Happy reading! 📚

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